Infant 'self-rescue' could teach kids life-saving skills in the water

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Three drownings in as many days in central Indiana all involved young children.

The young victims, ages two, six and eleven, drowned in swimming pools. It's enough to force parents to seriously think about whether their children can save themselves if they fall into the water.

Experts say the key to keeping your child safe is a combination of starting early and focusing on that one skill that could save their lives. One option is a unique method called Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) self-rescue.

Elaine Means is just three years old and she's already been holding her own in the pool for two and a half years.

"We bought a house when she was three months old that came with an in-ground pool. So, for us, it was a requirement that she know how to save herself had she fallen in the water," said Adrianne Means, Elaine's mom.

Adrianne chose ISR.

"The best parents in the world say we're going to be with them 24 hours a day and you're not a bad parent because your child got away from you. They're just curious little creatures. They are fast movers," said Barb Davis, a certified ISR instructor.

"We teach them how to roll over and float," said Barb.

After learning the float, children can learn how to combine that with a swim underwater until they reach safety.

"We have locks on the doors, locks on the gates. Still, if she falls in, I know I'll find her there floating on the water," said Adrianne.

Infants and children under the age of four are most at risk for accidental drowning. It's the second leading cause of death for them. But formal swimming safety classes can reduce the risk by almost 90 percent.

"We have many survivals where parents will tell us that the child was missing for x number of minutes and we found the child floating face up in a covered pool," said Barb.

"She has slipped in when we have been in the backyard and have been watching her and I've let her just fall in and see in fact what she'll do and she'll pop up and she will float," said Adrianne.

So, how long before you can enjoy this peace of mind with your child around the pool? They say for a baby six months to a year figure on about four weeks, five lessons a week just ten minutes each for this life saving experience.

Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) self-rescue