Indy's own Josh Kaufman makes it to the Top 10 on NBC's 'The Voice'

Indy's own Josh Kaufman makes it to the Top 10 on NBC's 'The Voice'
Josh Kaufman (NBC photo)
Indy's own Josh Kaufman didn't have to wait long to find out he's moving on to next week's competition on NBC's "The Voice."

After a day of voting by viewers, Kaufman was the first one to be announced to make it into the Top 10. He will perform again next Monday night with his fellow finalists.

His vote was buoyed by a strong showing on iTunes of his performance of Sam Smith's "Stay With Me," which wowed the audience and judges in the first round of live performances Monday on NBC's hit show.

"It's overwhelming, it's humbling. I mean, I honestly, a couple of times this morning was just like on the verge of tears because, it's so, I don't know, to know that that many people are supporting you and that you connected in that way, it's's pretty amazing," Kaufman said Tuesday.

Fans had to wait all night as Josh was the last to perform in Monday's showcase of the top 12 contestants, but the judges certainly felt it was worth the wait.

Blake Shelton went as far as to say, "In my opinion, you're the guy to beat on Team Usher."

Josh started out on Team Adam, and after his performance, Adam Levine of Maroon 5 said, "I'm so stupid [for not keeping you]. I thought you'd be here as a member of my team. I don't even care. You're here and that's what matters."

His new coach, Usher, said that Josh "completely owned this entire room."

"I really feel like it all came together tonight, that was the best performance, at least in my mind, I felt best about that I have at any point throughout the whole process, so yeah, I feel really good," Kaufman said after the show.

After nine contestants had been announced into the next round, the final three members of the "Top 12" had to sing one more song, then sweat it out.
In a new twist, T.J. Wilkins, Dani Moz and Tess Boyer had to sing for their lives, performing one more, new song - and only one of them would move on.
Viewers were given a short window to vote for the best of the three on Twitter. The instant save went to Boyer, signaling the end of the road for T.J. and Dani.

Kaufman a hit at viewing party

The singer was a big hit among fans at a viewing party hosted Monday by WTHR and WZPL radio at Scotty's Brewhouse downtown. 

"He knows what he's doing. He knows about interpretation and how to control his voice and what he wants to do on stage. He delivers the message," said fan Paul Castro.

"I've been lucky enough to sing with Josh for the last few years and he's a real pro in every way," said Julie Houston.

"To hear him on TV was just amazing. His high notes, his presence and the intensity he brings," said Matthew Hume.

Members of Josh's band, "The New Etiquette" are not surprised about his success and new-found fans across the country.

"He's just got a really distinct tone. You listen to it, you know it's him. It's one of those things, you know, he just doesn't sound like anybody else," said the band's drummer, Ryan Koch.

If you want to make sure you get to hear more of Josh, it's up to you to get your vote in to get him to the next round.