Indy's Josh Kaufman competes on "The Voice" Top 8 tonight

Indy's Josh Kaufman competes on "The Voice" Top 8 tonight

Josh Kaufman reflects on dizzying week after Voice win

Josh Kaufman ready for live performances on "The Voice"

Indy singer catching big break on "The Voice"

Josh Kaufman performing on NBC's 'The Voice' on April 28, 2014
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Indianapolis musician Josh Kaufman has made the Top 8 on NBC's "The Voice," and tonight, he'll continue his battle to make it to the top!

Last Monday night, he continued his streak of audience-wowing performances in Monday night's Top 10 competition. Tuesday, he was announced in the second round of saves, fourth overall, based on viewer votes.

"The longer it goes, the more nerve wracking it is. So the further you have to wait, the more pressure there is, the more it starts to build up, so yeah, it's definitely a different feeling," he said, describing Tuesday's wait. "Just waiting. Just anticipation and hoping to hear your name called.

Kaufman opened Tuesday's show with Usher and Bria Kelly, performing "Always on the Run."

Monday, Josh performed Kenny Loggins' "This Is It" and all of the judges agreed that while it's a difficult song to perform, it was exactly in Josh's comfort zone.

"I think that these soulful renditions might be your sweet spot," said Shakira. "You sing with such sincerity and on top of that, there's your voice. It seems like you can do it all."

Loggins even tweeted support for Kaufman after the performance.

"That's amazing. He's a phenomenal singer, somebody I listened to when I was younger and that was really cool," Kaufman said Tuesday night. "I still feel good about the song. It still did fairly well on iTunes. It's hard to go and get to the Top 10 every week, so you kind of have to mix it up and try some different things. I felt it took me a different direction, so that's good."

Josh's original coach, Maroon 5's Adam Levine, said, "You are so talented and you have such an incredibly unique... that's why I love you man, because you have a unique voice. You have a powerful voice. You have all the things that you need to have a great voice, but what you also have - which you can't teach - is a tone that no one else does have."

Country music superstar Blake Shelton said that had he not been watching the performance with his own eyes, he would have thought he was listening to a studio recording because Josh had performed so well and Josh's coach Usher said he "was blown away."

Kaufman wasn't revealing any secrets about what he'll sing on next Monday's live show, but said it's a group decision.

"It's really hard to say, because anything I do is going to end up being more in that soulful sort of vein. So even if it's something that doesn't start out that way as far as the type of song that it is, that's the direction I'm going to take it. So it will fall in line with what I've done so far, just kind of depends. I'm not even sure," he said. "The further along you get, the more that's at stake, the harder it is, because the competition keeps getting stiffer and stiffer. So, yeah, you just have to really try to make the right decisions about what you want to do."

Josh talked with WTHR's Andrea Morehead from Los Angeles ahead of Monday night's performance.

“As a performer and musician, that’s the ultimate goal – to make that connection where somebody feels something…where it’s meaningful to them,” he said.

Josh says he’s grateful to his fans for their support, as well as to his family. Most of the time, he says he’s your typical dad, wearing jeans and a T-shirt. But he likes to don the suit and fedora!

His final message before Monday's episode: "Thanks to everybody back in Indianapolis! I get so many positive comments from people – more than I could have dreamed about!"

Fan support is exactly what he needs to make it to the next round - votes are all that count at this point in the competition. You can cast your vote for him between 10:00 Monday night and noon on Tuesday. You can vote in any of four ways:
  1. Call (855) VOICE-04
  2. Text the number 4 to 8642
  3. Go to The Voice's website
  4. Download Josh's rendition of "This Is It" from iTunes

"I felt really good about it. I had fun. Hopefully it was enough," Kaufman said after Monday's show.

Members of his Indianapolis band, "The New Etiquette," gathered in Fountain Square to watch Monday's show and cheer Kaufman on. They agree that he has the range like no one else on the show and that the song he picked for the show speaks to this incredible time in his life and his rising stardom.

"He has all the tools it takes, like Usher said, to be a successful vocalist. A lot of people have that, but he has a tone. Plus, he's beat out Katy Perry on iTunes!," said Jeremy Woods with a laugh.

Kaufman said Tuesday he appreciates all of the support he's gotten from his hometown.

"I just want to say a huge thanks to everyone back in Indianapolis. Obviously, I couldn't do it without the support you guys have given me and the support I have gotten has been overwhelming. So keep it up, I hope you keep voting, keep buying the iTunes, thank you, thank you, thank you, I appreciate it."