IndyGo buses keep running despite blizzard


Despite the blizzard conditions, IndyGo managed for the most part to keep its regular schedule.

By mid-morning, though, many buses were running 15 to 50 minutes behind. Those who depend on the bus to get to and from work were thankful they still had that option, even though they had to wait in the blowing snow.

"I work at Methodist and they released us early today so I'm looking for the bus and waiting to get home," one woman told us.

Fortunately, for the drivers, this bus and the others pretty much had the roads to themselves. Eyewitness News rode along with one bus driver.

"It's been treacherous out here today, but you're doing okay?" we asked the driver.

"Yes, but on Kentucky Avenue, it was bad. Visibility is getting a little better but it's still hard to see," the driver told us this morning.

Ridership was light. We found one passenger who was headed to his workplace downtown.

"It's a safe way to get around," he said. He didn't mind the delays, saying "that's to be expected with all the snow."

While a couple of routes did have to be cancelled due to conditions, most buses kept moving. Those waiting at the bus stop were glad to know they still had a warm and dry way of getting around.

"It's better than driving a car and getting blown around," said one rider.