IndyCar fans trying to put "People's Car" in Indianapolis 500

Two local race fans want to put a fan-sponsored car in the Indy 500.

How would you like your name on an IndyCar that's racing in the 500 this year?

Two local race fans are trying to make it happen. They're raising money to create 'The People's Race Car' - a completely fan-funded car, without corporate sponsors.

Like most race fans, Travis Tetrault gets chills coming to the track, even when the yard of bricks is buried in snow.

"Those chills might be because it's five degrees, but at the same time, it just makes the month can't come any sooner," Tetrault said.

This May, Travis and his buddy, Jason Godby, hope to make the Greatest Spectacle in Racing even more personal for those who fill the seats at IMS.

"The only way we could figure out how to do that was be a part of the big race and go out there with the corporations and sponsor a car," Tetrault said.

Right alongside Coke and Kroger and Crown, Tetrault and Godby want to create 'The People's Race Car'. They want to get a car without any corporate sponsors in the Indy 500.

It's a car fully funded by the fans.

"We're attempting to raise a million dollars to make it where everybody has an equal amount of sponsorship on the car," Tetrault explained.

Each fan who pays $100 to become a sponsor would have their name appear on an IndyCar in the race.

"We want to create this car where the design comes from everybody's names," Tetrault explained. "So in black you'll see the car going around the track and you'll see the design and you won't see your name that small at that point, but you'll know where your name is on that car."

They want 10,000 people, at $100 each, to be part of the Cutters Race Team, or "CuttersRT." CuttersRT is using crowdfunding to reach their goal.

Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing is a partner in the project. The team has agreed to get a driver (yet to be named) to operate the ride in the Indy 500.

"Our goal is to get the car to the track. Their goal is to make it succeed around the track," Tetrault said. "You'll actually get to see it going around and hear people talk about the people's race car and you can say, you know, I sponsored that car."

Travis is confident 'The People's Race Car' will happen.

"I'm absolutely confident and we're competitive so you know we want to come in first, just like everybody else," Tetrault said.

With 10,000 fans as sponsors, expect a packed pagoda and a lot of thank yous at the Victory Banquet if that car takes the checkered flag.

CuttersRT says it has to get at least 3,000 names by late March.

Again, the goal is 10,000 for an all-fan funded car. But even if they don't reach that goal, Tetrault says if you pay the hundred bucks, your name will be on a car in the Indy 500 - it will just have corporate sponsors as well.

CuttersRT website