Indy United rally calls for Peace in our City

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After an especially violent week in Indianapolis, that included the death of a metro police officer, there's a renewed call for peace.

Tonight, people gathered on Monument Circle for the Indy United rally.

The message tonight was This is our City. These are our homes. And we will not be afraid.

With flags still flying at half staff to honor slain IMPD Officer Perry Renn, hundreds held hands at Monument Circle, in a show of solidarity against the violence that has plagued this city in recent weeks.

IMPD Police Chief Rick Hite

"Yeah though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death we will no longer fear evil in our city is that right? We will not fear evil in this city is that right? We area a united people is that right?"

Among the citizens gathered Saturday on the circle, the answer was yes. Their resolve for peace…strong.

Sabrina Young-Officer Renn's Friend

"I think you gotta start somewhere and you plant a seed and you see where it goes. You never know where it's going to go."

Even in grief, a close friend and neighbor of Officer Renn came out to show her support.

Sabrina Young---Officer Renn's Friend

"I would know that Perry would want us to come because we have to go on and we have to help protect the city like he did."

Part of that protection, speaking up if you're witness to a crime.

Catherine Davis-Indianapolis

"People that don't believe in talking and squealing on one another that has got to stop in our community that has to stop. I'm sick tired of that. I'm really sick and tired of that."

And people who came here said they're sick and tired of the violence.

Rebecca Philipps-Indianapolis

"I believe that too many police are losing their lives in Indianapolis and the devastation is not only taking on the city but on the families, and I believe we all need to come together and do something."

That something was sending a message through the numbers of people who showed up to say no more.

So much support for the police department here tonight, too.

We know its been a difficult week for them. And we saw many people shaking officers hands expressing their thanks.

Those officers out there right now, taking calls across this city.