Indy tax day Tea Party protest

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Indianapolis - About 2,000 people attended a "Tax Day Tea Party" at the Indiana Statehouse. Similar rallies were being held on April 15th across the country, including one in Washington, DC.

Indiana's second annual Tax Day Tea Party protest took aim at government tax and spend policies, specifically in light of bailouts given to banks, automakers and mortgage companies.

"I feel like we're getting totalitarian in our government. I feel like our representatives are not representing us and no matter what we do or say to our representatives they're ignoring how we feel and what's important to us," said Beth Jones, Spencer.

Speakers at the rally pushed a demand for more individual liberty, smaller government, and lower taxes.

According to reports out of Washington Thursday, the tax day rhetoric doesn't exactly mesh with reality when it comes to the amount of taxes Hoosiers are paying on the federal level.

Nearly $173 billion in individual tax cuts have taken affect for this year, since President Obama took office. That's compared to $28 billion in state increases.

But some say federal taxes could go up because of the healthcare overhaul and for individuals making more than $200,000 or couples earning $250,000 or more.