Indy seeks input on additions to trail system

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The City of Indianapolis has a plan to keep you connected. You can be one of the first to put your mark on the city's changing greenways system by providing input on what could be added to enhance the existing network of trails.

The city is hoping to build new trails. They want to identify neighborhoods where there might be a demand for a trail where one doesn't already exist. They are looking for easy, safe ways to get there, and planners also want to know the kinds of amenities to add. 

And they are looking to the people who live in the communities to tell them.

"We're especially looking at ways to increase accessibility of the trail," said Scott Manning of the Office of Sustainability. "So if there's a neighborhood that maybe doesn't have a way to get to trail, maybe we solve that problem by adding a small spur or bike lane or sidewalk."

The city will be finishing up work on the Pennsy Trail through Irvington and Cumberland on the east side.

Other projects are underway - Fall Creek Trail from Skiles Test Park to Fort Harrison State Park, and White River Trail from the Indianapolis Zoo south to Raymond Street.

In the spring, construction begins on Eagle Creek Trail from 56th Street to Raymond Street, a twelve-mile stretch considered an exciting addition for west side neighborhoods.

The city considers its greenways an investment. If you build them, they will come.  Manning said greenways are an investment in the future of Indianapolis. "Young professionals are looking for cities with different transportation options," he explained. "Having a robust trails system is really important."

There is also funding in place to get started on the expansion project.

There is a meeting tonight from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Holliday Park, one of a series of meetings to get your input.

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