Indy real estate market ranks high across nation


You may hit the jackpot by putting your home on the market right now. The Indianapolis area is one of the few real estate markets in really good shape across the nation.

Carolyn Beavers and her family are enjoying their new home after relocating from Arkansas. The large rooms inside with plenty of amenities and a lot of yard space outside gave their seller an advantage.

"We were willing to pay a little closer to list price if it was a house that we were looking for," Beavers said.

Now is a good time to sell your house, because according to a study by the investment group Moody's, the Indianapolis area home market is one of a handful in the country where homes are selling closer to value.

"Sellers are having more of an advantage, because they can now stick closer to the prices that we are selling their homes for," said Realtor Noelle Hans-Daniels.

The same USA Today study groups the Indy market with cities like Austin, Texas, Denver and Boulder, Colorado along with Portland, Maine, which are also peaking within 2 percent of their previous home prices.

Hans-Daniels says when homes sell closer to list price, it also sparks new construction.

"It has also put builders back in business, so that portion of the market has been increasing," she said.

She is convinced you'll see more "for sale" signs going up, so buyers will have more choices, too.

Although Beavers and her family shopped around, they had no problem paying close to asking price to get what they wanted in a house.

"I would say we probably looked at around 30 houses altogether," she said.

Realtors say the current low interest rates are also helping buyers get more house for their money.