Indy opens comprehensive permanent recycling center

Wednesday's drive-through drop-off for old electronics marks the opening of the city's most comprehensive permanent recycling drop-off center.

The Chancellor Keesling Recycling Center is takes just about everything - electronics, paper, cardboard, aluminum and steel cans, glass, and all plastics 1 - 7.

Located at the old RCA plant on East Michigan Street, the center is open Monday through Friday from 8-4:30, and Saturday from 9-3.

The electronics recycling facility and the new Keesling drop-off center are operated by Workforce, Inc., a program that helps ex-offenders transition back into society with job training and employment. Those employees wanted to name the center after the late son of Workforce, Inc. CEO Gregg Keesling. Army Specialist Chancellor A. Keesling died in Iraq this past June.

"I mean, we've had condolences from the mayor, and congressmen, and everybody, but the most precious thing I treasure was the Workforce, Inc. employees asking us to name it Chancellor A. Keesling community recycling center," Gregg Keesling said. "I am very, very proud and I know he's looking down with a big smile right now from heaven watching this and being very happy."

Gregg Keesling hopes the center will set a new standard for recycling in the city.

All personal information on computers are wiped out by a magnet, or you can even watch them use a hammer if you'd like.

To drop off electronics during Wednesday's Rush Hour Recycling event, the truck will be at the center, 3518 E. Michigan, starting at 6 a.m. The center will take basically anything with a cord, wiring and metals. A $10 donation is requested for televisions so that lead can safely be disposed.

Workforce, Inc. and Green Piece Indy have collected more than 25 tons of electronics during the last three rush hour recycling events in October.