Indy named to Top 10 best cities for recent college graduates

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Indianapolis once again received national attention, as named the Circle City one of the Top 10 cities for recent college graduates.

The website's researchers took into account affordability, favoring cities where the average rent for a one-bedroom unit is less than 25 percent of gross median income. Career opportunity was another a big consideration; no cities with unemployment above 7 percent make the cut. Demographics were also taken into account, with extra weight given to cities with more people aged 25-29. Researchers also considered salary and the city's singles scene.

Based on all of those factors, they came up with this list:

10) Dallas
9) Las Vegas
8) Indianapolis
7) Fort Worth
6) Cincinnati
5) Columbus
4) Austin
3) Phoenix
2) Charlotte
1) Denver

Indianapolis was noted for having a dense (11.1 percent) population of young adults aged 25-29 for recent grads who want to be surrounded by their peers. Researchers also cited the Circle City's diverse economy contributing to the fields of education, health care, finance and tourism plus attractions like shopping, restaurants, theaters, museums, galleries and sports venues.

Click here for the full results of the study.