Indy man drives mobile billboard to help find stolen dog

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UPDATE: Boomer has been found!

An Indianapolis man is going all out to bring his best friend home.

Eddie Williams paid big money for a mobile billboard to roll around the Circle City this week. He's hoping someone recognizes his pet poodle "Boomer" and helps reunite the pair.

Williams is a truck driver who says someone stole Boomer last November while he was parked at 25th Street and Sherman Drive. He has been driving cross-country ever since without his best friend.

"That was the furthest thing from my mind that I thought would happen. I wish I could go back and change that whole day," Williams said.

Since Boomer was a pup, you'd never seen one without the other.

"We were inseparable. He is really my best friend," Williams said.

The dog theft was one of several reported last November.

Almost six months later, Williams' hope to bring Boomer home is bigger than ever. The billboard is turning a lot of heads.

"That's going very far. Boomer must have been an excellent dog," said one person.

"Poor baby. I would want my dog back, too," said another.

He plans to pay $1,500 in reward money - with no questions asked - if his pet comes home.