Indy Fringe kicks off this Thursday

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 The 10th annual Indy Fringe festival gets underway this Thursday in Indianapolis.

For ten days, comedians, magicians, artists and storytellers will perform 384 shows on eight stages at theaters along or near Mass. Ave. The Cook Theater at 1201 N. Central Ave. is also participating.

Tickets cost $15 per show or you can buy a fiver pass for $60. Backer buttons are no longer required (but you can get a 10th anniversary button if you like collecting them!)

This is a fun event that draws thousands of visitors to Mass. Ave. every year. Family-friendly events are clearly noted on the schedule.

If you can't decide what to see, check out the Athenaeum at 6:00 pm Wednesday for a free performer showcase. Each show will get two minutes to pitch their production.

See schedules, ticket info and more.