Indy Food Swappers is haven for foodies

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Remember swapping Twinkies for chocolate chip cookies at the school lunch table? That idea has taken a grown-up spin in central Indiana. Indy Food Swappers is an economical way to bring new food into your home.

From sweet to salty, crunchy or savory, Indy Food Swappers has your craving.

"It really started as a way to connect food lovers to other food lovers," said Suzanne Krowiak, organizer.

The food-loving group is building community with take-home goodies one swap at a time.

"Sometimes the husband gets bored talking about jam so you have to find other people who want to talk about jam," Krowiak said.

The idea's simple. Bring a homemade food item and get something different to take home.

"It's fun. It just gives us new ideas about what we can do and motivates us to make something and share it," said Erin Colgan, food swapper.

Colgan brought more than a dozen jars of zucchini pickles. In return, she gets to pick which goodies at the swap she wants to trade. She'll leave with food to compliment her dinner table and stock her pantry.

"I definitely seek out those extra special recipes and maybe something a little bit different," she said.

Sampling is encouraged and food swappers also share recipes.

"People get in food ruts, so being able to branch out a little bit and try new things is definitely a good opportunity," said Melissa Heeke, who makes candy apples and soft pretzels. In return, she can walk out with homemade salsa and chips, or jam, among other goodies.

"It's fun to trade between what I know I can make and what people know they can make and I get to try a lot of different things," she said.

The food swap is free. Just bring enough to share. You never know what new treat could be a trade away.

The Indy Food Swappers meet once a month at the Earth House in Indianapolis. The next swap is December 10th. There's no cost to you, but you must pre-register.

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