Indy conference focuses on health of school children


While school is out for the summer and children are enjoying some time off, leaders from across the state of Indiana will be hard at work today as the 2014 Indiana School Health Network Conference begins.

Speakers at the conference include Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz and former governor, now Purdue University president, Mitch Daniels.

Nearly 200 people are expected during the two-day event.  Conversations include examining food guidelines, such as reducing the amount of fat and salt in school meals while increasing fruit and fiber.  Other conversations include school sports and the recently new findings on sports concussions.

Doctor Eric Yancy is with Managed Health Services:  "It used to be if you were just knocked out, that's a concussion, but if you got your bell rung it wasn't. Well, now we know that concussions are concussions and should be treated very conservatively and very carefully and that's one thing that's going to be a continuing issue. Most schools are pretty much aware of that now, some parents may not be."

The state-wide conference wraps up on Wednesday.