Indy 500: Budget cuts mean no US military flyover


The US military isn't providing aircraft or personnel for the Indianapolis 500 because of the automatic spending reductions that forced budget cuts.

Instead of seeing military jets fly over the track before the race, you'll likely see privately owned military aircraft. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is now considering several proposals from not-for-profit groups.

The tradition of having 300 to 500 military personnel march down the track in pre-race festivities will also change this May.

Since the military won't provide active members, the track may use a group of veterans instead.

Senior Army officials warn they may have to cut 100,000 more soldiers over the next decade because of the automatic spending reductions.

IMS spokesperson Doug Boles says there will be no apparent difference "from the standpoint of folks in the grandstand" because there will still be a flyover of military aircraft.

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