Indiana's same-sex marriage debate hits major milestone this week

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The debate over same-sex marriage in Indiana hits a major milestone this week.

An appeals court in Chicago will decide whether to overturn the state's ban.

Supporters Eyewitness News has talked to are keeping a cool head and a positive outlook.

Yesterday, supporters of same-sex marriage gathered at Life Journey Church for a special service in preparation for this week's hearings.

Several of these couples tied the knot this summer in Indianapolis when Indiana's gay marriage ban was struck down by a judge. But, three days later, an appeals courts placed a stay on that ruling, freezing everything until they could review the case in greater detail. Couples now caught in the middle say they're not panicking yet.

"We're positive because the mindset in the nation seems to be it's unconstitutional to say that our marriages are any different from any other marriage," said one couple. "So, we're looking for affirmations from the court on that. We're kind of looking for the courts to say you've got to be fair and equal across the board and we think that's important. So, those are the kinds of things we're looking for and we're going to be positive."

Supporters of same-sex marriage rallied at City Market Plaza Monday morning as they prepared to head to Chicago for Tuesday's appeals court hearing.

Eyewitness News talked with one couple that is a plaintiff in the case and they remain optimistic.

"We think the facts are on the side of equality and so CJ and I have been fighting for equality in this case and in our lives and that's what gives us that optimism is knowing that the facts are with equality," Greg Hasty said.

Hasty's husband said he's hopeful.

"I am hopeful that the court, like 38 other federal courts, will recognize marriages like mine that were solemnized elsewhere, and that they will strike down Indiana's ban on same sex marriage so that couples can once again come to this building across the street and get their marriage certificates," Zach Adamson said.

Photo: Several plaintiff couples rally in Indianapolis before traveling to Chicago for appeal hearings on Indiana's gay marriage ban.

Eyewitness News tried to contact two groups that support traditional marriage, but didn't hear back.

But, those who oppose same-sex marriage say the laws should be protected to keep marriage between a man and a woman.

Eyewitness News Reporter Mary Milz will be in Chicago for this week's court hearing and will bring live reports.