Indianapolis Zoo to introduce new giraffe in spring

Majani and AJ
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The Indianapolis Zoo has a new addition for its Plains Area coming next spring.

Majani (named for the Swahili word for grass) is a three-year-old male reticulated giraffe. He was born March 11, 2010, at The Living Desert in Palm Desert, California, and came to the Indianapolis Zoo in mid-October. He's 12 feet tall right now - a bit smaller than the zoo's female giraffes, but he could grow up to 18 feet.

Following a standard 30-day quarantine, which is a precautionary measure that applies to all newly acquired animals, Majani is now getting acquainted with the rest of the Zoo's herd, including two females, Takasa  and Ajabusana, also known as AJ.

The hope is that Majani will contribute to the Indianapolis Zoo's active breeding program, which is part of the Species Survival Plan managed through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Zookeepers say Majani is very shy, but they're hoping he'll warm up as he spends the winter off exhibit in a temperature-controlled facility.

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