Indianapolis veterans getting help from volunteers

Volunteers are doing all of the labor.

Veterans Day is Monday, but local race fans are already serving those who have served our country in the past and need a little help now.

William Price served in the Army in the 1980s and lost his job in the 2008 recession. After two years homeless on the streets, he turned to the Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation. HVAF put him in Jackson House, a south side home where he lives with a handful of other veterans.

"It's always been a nice house, but with the renovations and the changes they're making, it's going to be awesome," he said.

Volunteers are doing all of the labor. Some are part of the pit crew - a group of race fans. Others are part of the Panther race team who do a service project for veterans each November leading up to Veterans Day.

"They do so much for us, for our country, risking their lives, so we can have the freedoms we have. The very least we can do is try and make their home a little bit better," said Angel Wilson, Panther Racing Team.

The need is greater than you probably think.

"Here in Indianapolis, we have 500 to 700 and we house 200, so we know there are plenty of homeless veterans out there who need help," said Deborah Des Vignes, vice president of marketing for HVAF.

The program is life-changing for men like William Price, who came to get his life back on track. He will be moving out next year to an apartment of his own.

"Now I have a roof over my head. I don't have to worry about where I'm going to stay and that takes a big weight off my shoulders. It was very stressful being on the streets," he said.

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