Indianapolis unveils crime-fighting plan


"We can't arrest our way out of this problem."

Those were the words of Indianapolis Metro Police Chief Rick Hite, who spoke Tuesday as Mayor Greg Ballard's anti-crime plan was unveiled.

Although the City of Indianapolis has tackled the issue of crime in previous plans, this new blueprint is more comprehensive than the others. The plan looks to several community organizations and to parents for help, as well as relying on police tactics to reduce violent crime.

Youthbuild Indy's director calls the effort a "plan for the people, by the people."

Ameena Matthews, a "violence interrupter" for CeaseFire, which is part of the Chicago Project for Violence Prevention, also spoke Tuesday about her experience. She quoted her group's slogan to young people who were at risk of getting involved in violent crime, saying, "Don't let 30 seconds of rage change your future."

Regina Marsh of the Forest Manor Multi-Service Center has been spearheading the effort for seven months. It was developed with 90 people and 60 different community organizations and on Tuesday morning, Marsh will present that plan to the public.

The plan includes specific goals and timelines for implementation and kicks off with a new kind of training for Indianapolis neighbors. People all across the city are invited to become "violence interrupters."

Learn more about the plan here.