Indianapolis to repave 45 streets in 2013

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Spring isn't just pothole season for the city, but time to begin repaving.

This year the Department of Public Works plans to repave 45 streets or 858 lane miles (that's out of 7,000 countywide.)

One is East Street between Raymond and Prospect.

Connie Doughty, who lives just off East Street was busy Wednesday planting roses and fixing up her yard. She was glad to hear the city would soon be fixing up the busy thoroughfare.

"I don't drive," Doughty said. "but the people who do say the potholes make it hard, so yeaH, it's a good idea."

Theresa McCool, who works in a laundromat on East Street agrees it's about time the street got repaved.

McCool said, "It's like everything is done for the north side. You hear the east side gets this, never the south side."

She said repaving the street also "helps those trying to make it a halfway decent place to live."

Stop 11 Road between Emerson and Arlington Avenues made the list. So did 79th between Michigan and Township Line. Why those streets and the others on the list?

Department of Public Works spokesperson Stephanie Sample said, "We start with engineers. We have expert engineers that use a pavement condition index."

That index rates pavement conditions on a scale of zero to 100, zero representing a failed road and 100 one in excellent condition.

Each road is inspected, photographed, measured and evaluated.

Sample said roads with a rating of less than 40 are given the highest priority and there are many.

DPW data shows 4.58% of city thoroughfare and residential streets have a PCI of 40 or less.

"At any given time we could take all the money we have and spend it in one week dedicating it to just a couple of projects," she said.

Sample said other factors contributing to which streets get repaved include how heavily traveled they are, feedback from city county councilors and neighborhood liaisons and the "squeaky wheels."

She said inspectors always follow up on calls and emails to the Mayor's Action Center and comments on the RequestIndy web site.

Eyewitness News recently did a story on the city's new Pothole Viewer which allows people to report potholes online. On that day, 55th Street near Keystone had received nine complaints about the potholes.

A check of the PCI showed it rated a mere 17. This summer, it gets repaved. So does Cornell Avenue in Broad Ripple between 64th and 67th Streets. That section was rated 22 on the, a rough ride and not just for cars.

Charlie Revard who owns the Bike Line on Cornell said he's been trying to get Cornell done for several years. He was glad to hear the road work would finally get underway.

"A lot of money comes from Broad Ripple - through taxes, sales and tourism and this is a shambles up here. It's long overdue," he said.

Revard hoped with the resurfacing the city would also be able to fix the flooding issues that occur after heavy rain.

Sample said DPW was still working out it's repaving budget for 2013 and that more streets could be added if the money's available.

See a list of streets to be repaved in 2013.