Indianapolis targeting 2018 Super Bowl

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Even as the celebrations continue in Baltimore and New Orleans this morning, there's serious business going on - like the planning for future Super Bowls. That includes another chance for Indianapolis to bask in the limelight.

Indianapolis proved with Super Bowl XLVI that it has what it takes to throw a serious party. That's not to say the bid for the 2018 game would look the same as the 2012 bid. In fact, the committee is trying to find new, unique features to lure the NFL here again. No one is hiding from the weather that, once again, could be a focal point in an outdoor village-like venue.

"I'm not sure if there would be 1.1-million people that came out if the temperatures had been in the 20s as opposed to the 40s," said John Dedman of the Indiana Sports Corporation, "but we would have had a good number of people who came and wanted to be a part of this event outside because, this time of year, people are used to it."

One of the aspects that impressed both the NFL and fans was the compactness of the Indianapolis experience - a short walk from hotels, to the village, to the NFL Experience and Lucas Oil Stadium.

Another front runner for 2018 is Minneapolis. So if the competition comes down to which city has warmer weather, even in a cold winter, Indianapolis is most likely the winner.

That will not change, as the convenience of downtown remains the same. But we're being assured the next proposal will not simply be a repeat of last year. There's still time to work out the details. The bid isn't due until May of next year.