Indianapolis sports fans enjoy two big events in one day

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Who said you couldn't go to two major sporting events in one city, in one day? You could, and many did, on a great day to be a sports fan in Indianapolis.

"This is the sports in Indiana. If we lived in Columbus, Ohio, we wouldn't have this problem," said Jeff McCarty.

It was a good problem to have, with two major sporting events to choose from on Sunday.

Fans could watch racers at the Indianapolis 500 on West 16th Street in the afternoon. "It's probably the best race I've been to," said Chris Madsen of the 500.

Then the race was followed up Sunday night by the Indiana Pacers versus the Miami Heat in Game 3 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals downtown.

"There's not too many times you get to go to the Indy 500 and have a phenomenal race. Then you get to go to the Eastern Conference finals, Pacers-Heat," said Chad Dunaway outside Bankers Life Field House.

"I was thinking about the Pacers game and the race at the same time," said Ryan Reece.

"It's a lot to do in one day," said Steve Ehrman. "But when you love sports, you can do both of them."

"It's a good problem, whenever the Pacers are playing past the race. Then you know we're doing well," Jeff McCarty.

"You're kind of in one world in the morning and another world in the afternoon," added Ehrman.

By Sunday night, the world outside Bankers Life Fieldhouse was awash in blue and gold with memories of an exciting Indy 500.

"We went to the best race probably the 500 had in a long time," said Madsen. "And hopefully, we'll just come here and, beat the Beat and get it done."

"A great race. Very Fun. Glad to see Tony Kanaan win and if the Pacers win tonight, it will be a perfect day," added McCarty.