Indianapolis south side gang members charged

Fountain Square

Fourteen people, some of them teenagers, face charges in connection with gang activity.

The investigation started in April 2012 when residents complained to police that alleged gang members were attacking people unprovoked, circling them and physically assaulting them. There was also a Fourth of July brawl that prompted a police investigation.

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry announced charges Wednesday against members of the Problem Child Gang and Fountain Square Boyz. The prosecutor's office says both gangs operate in the Fountain Square area.

The charges range from B felonies to A misdemeanors, and include criminal gang activity as well as corrupt business influence. It's the second time that the proseuctor's office has ever utilized the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) statute against gang members.

The prosecutor's office says the Problem Child Gang was involved in batteries, robberies, gun crimes, narcotics sales, and graffiti. According to the probable cause affidavit, gang members are required to commit felonies in order to join and stay in the gang.

Five of the eight alleged gang members are 17 years old or younger. They are being charged as adults.

The Fountain Square Boyz gang members are charged in connection with a July 4th fight involving neighborhood teenagers. The two gangs have an ongoing feud, and members of the Fountain Square Boyz attacked some teenagers believing them to be members of the Problem Child Gang. The Fountain Square Boyz are also alleged to have involvement in batteries and intimidation.

In June 2011, the city announced charges against members of the Pop It Off Boyz, an east side gang known for violence. That resulted in 47 charges and sentences up to 20 years. Gang member Anthony Shockley will go to trial later this year for the June 2011 murder of Clayton Battice.