Indianapolis residents shaken by home invasion

Sheila and Marcel Bonds
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Some residents in the Fox Hill Estates subdivision were shaken up recently by a violent home invasion. The burglars passed up other valuables and went straight for their cell phones and computers, eventually waking them up in the middle of the night.

When Marcel Bonds got home from the Colts game Sunday night, he strongly remembers going into the house through the garage and letting the garage door down. He and his wife live in the Fox Hill Estates Subdivision on the northwest side of Indianapolis.

Once inside the house, though, Marcel believes the garage door went back up unbeknownst to him and wife Sheila.

Eventually, exhausted from all the pre-game tailgating and cheering on Andrew Luck and the Colts, they turned in for the night only to be awakened by loud noises in the house around 5:00 am.

"I heard footsteps in the house, a lot of loud noise. And I had company over, a best friend, so I said her name and she didn't respond," said Sheila. But there was no response from her house guest because in the guest bedroom just down the hall, a man was holding a gun to her friend's head, demanding that she keep silence.

The suspect threatened to shoot her by pointing the gun and said, "Give me everything!"

The gunman immediately snatched her cell phone out of the wall which was charging across the room. Out of fear, she heard Sheila stirring around in the master bedroom on the other side of the house and decided to warn everyone else in the house what was happening.

"Call the police! We are being robbed!" yelled Sheila's friend.

"I came out of the room. When I said her name again, I saw one of the men running down the stairs. I looked over the banister and saw them leaving out the door," she said. 

By that time, Marcel had also woken up. He went to the window and saw the two men running down the street. They got into a car, but it was just too dark for them to get a make or model.

The family noticed that the men had entered in through the garage, turned on several lights downstairs where they had been gathering up some of their belongings.

Strangely enough, the men did not bother with items commonly taken in home burglaries. Sheila is missing two laptops that are issued by her employer, a debit card and a cell phone.

The fact that they passed up several other easy-to-grab items lends them to believe the burglars were after their electronics such as laptops and cell phones.

What worries Sheila is that since the burglars got away they could not be so fortunate in their next possible break in.

"Please turn these young people in so they don't walk into the wrong house and get hurt," said Sheila.

Marcel admits failing to turn on their home alarm system. They are thankful they didn't get hurt but since the men who entered their home in a relatively safe neighborhood are still out there they warn other families to stay alert.

"Secure your home because we obviously know the environment is changing," said Sheila.

Eyewitness News has learned from neighbors that last year in the same subdivision, a man forced a woman into the trunk of one of their own cars and stole a second car. The woman's husband was in the house at the time and unaware of the crime. The woman was not seriously injured but was very shaken up.

One neighbor who was just elected to the Fox Hill Estates Home Owners Association board of directors plans to rekindle their crime watch organization.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department encourages all HOAs to be active in crime watch because it helps reduce crime.

Anyone with information on the latest incident can call crime stoppers anonymously at 317-262-TIPS. You can earn a cash reward if your tip leads to an arrest in this case.