Indianapolis residents get "snow fatigue"

INDOT had crews out, but did not pre-treat the roads Wednesday night because of temperatures and wind conditions.
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Drivers were dealing with some rough road conditions Thursday because of the latest round of snow. Some were questioning the efforts to keep the streets clear.

The morning snow led to numerous accidents across the metro area, including one crash along I-65 southbound at 38th Street, which involved seven vehicles including four Humvees.

Jason Zrebiec with Church Brothers says it's the worst winter he's seen in 12 years. The downtown collision center is packed with damaged vehicles, and their mechanics working overtime to keep up with repairs.

Thursday's snow guaranteed more business yet.

"Something like this where everyone's working and it's slushy and cold, this is when accidents happen the most," said Zrebiec.

INDOT had crews out, but did not pre-treat the roads Wednesday night because of temperatures and wind conditions. INDOT officials did not feel that the conditions were right for the treatment to be effective.

However, Indianapolis Department of Public Works did pre-treat city streets with a slightly different type of salt from the one INDOT uses, and activated its snow force Wednesday night. That means 90 drivers working 12-hour shifts to clear snow and spread salt.

Following last week's near record snow, many criticized the city for not doing enough. At John's Famous Stews, the weather and road conditions were still hot topics.

"I haven't seen one truck out. Maybe I shouldn't say anything. I dunno. Where are they?" wondered one customer.

"I think it came down fast but they should be out there doing something and I haven't seen one plow," said another.

But others, including restaurant owner Tommy Caito, weren't complaining.

"When it's cold our business doubles," said Caito.

Even with bumper business, Zrebiec, for one, is ready for spring.

"I think we're all ready for winter to end. No one likes the cold," he said.