Indianapolis residents asked to stay off the streets

Mayor Greg Ballard

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard says the city's travel status will change from a red "warning" to an orange "watch" at noon.

The mayor is still asking people to stay off the roads today due to the extreme cold and also due to road conditions, which remain snow-packed and icy. He's asking that people stay home unless it's an emergency. That will allow city crews to work on salting and clearing the streets.

The city says while main roads have for the most part been cleared of snow drifts, side streets were still only about 65 percent cleared by mid-morning. Extra crews are being brought in to clear those streets.

Crews will put salt on the streets today in the hope that the sunshine might help melt some of the snow pack.

It could be Thursday before all Indianapolis Power & Light customers see their power restored, the mayor said. If your power is out, call 317-261-8111.

If your power is out and you need a place to stay, call the Marion County Sheriff's Department at 317-327-4622.

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The mayor said IPL crews are working 16-hour shifts around the clock to restore everyone. IPL is bringing in 275 workers from other utilities to assist.

The more trees there are in your neighborhood, the more likely you are to see outages. Heavy snow weighed down limbs, causing many trees to bend or snap - sometimes onto power lines.

"The cold is the real killer here," the mayor said, referring to today's high of -13 and a wind chill of -38. "In ten minutes you could be dead without the proper clothes."

He warned against warming up your car in your garage, noting the carbon monoxide risk.

Because of those extreme temperatures, Mayor Ballard is asking schools and businesses to stay closed Tuesday as well. IPS will be closed.

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The city's emergency responders had 925 fire or EMS runs from 8:00 am Sunday to 8:00 am Monday with 93 calls about downed lines - more than twice their usual number.