Indianapolis ranked among most deadly cities for pedestrian accidents

Dangerous by design: That's how a new study describes the roads in Indianapolis, ranking the city among the worst for preventable, deadly pedestrian accidents.

The report calls Indianapolis the 25th most dangerous metro city out of 51 cities and Indiana is ranked 23rd in the nation for most deadly roads for pedestrians. Indianapolis falls in the middle of the pack for both, but there are still some serious areas of opportunity.

In the decade from 2003 to 2012, nearly 200 people were killed in Indianapolis while walking.  Nearly 650 were killed in Indiana with an estimated 17,000 Hoosier pedestrians involved in crashes during that same time frame.

According the report, many of the fatalities could have been easily prevented by a better design of the road. It says many intersections are designed for speeding traffic and not safe travel for those walking, biking or using public transportation.

The worst part is that makes our oldest and youngest the top targets for these deadly accidents with many victims being under 16 or older than 65. But, there are efforts in Indianapolis and around the state to improve things thanks to a coalition called 'Health by Design'. They've spear-headed the addition of more sidewalks, bicycle lanes and made the distance along crosswalks shorter. Research shows these changes are reducing deaths.

By the way, the most dangerous community in America for pedestrians is Orlando, Florida.  The safest city is Boston, Massachusetts.