Indianapolis pastor near site of Kenyan mall attack

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There is no clear resolution to a standoff between Kenyan security forces and terrorists at a shopping mall in Nairobi.

Police suspect several gunmen remain inside that mall following Saturday's attack. They expect to sweep the complex on Tuesday. Sixty-two people have died and 175 people, including five Americans, have been wounded. Two hundred people have been rescued.

The terrorism attack at an upscale shopping mall is five miles away from where Indianapolis pastor Rick Grover is staying.

"It's just a tragic situation everywhere you look at it," said Grover, the senior pastor from East 91st Street Christian Church.

He says he has seen heightened security in public areas.

"We're with a missionary family and went with them to pick up their children from school today. There's even more increased security at the schools. People are taking some extra precautionary measures to make sure everybody's safe," Grover said.

He says getting news about the attack is spreading, in many places, by word of mouth.

"With the Kenyans we've been involved with and interacting with, they're concerned, obviously," Grover said. "They continue to ask about family members, loved ones and friends, neighbors, to see if anyone they know has been involved in this crisis, so there is a lot of concern and a lot of fear is present."

Grover is in Kenya visiting churches and schools and has also seen the slums of the city.

"Nairobi is a city of five million people. But we have to remember that three of the five million people are living in urban, poor areas. So the majority of people, even if there's awareness of what's going on, it's not affecting the day-to-day struggles that they have in these impoverished conditions," he said.

Grover says the country is praying for the victims.

"The Kenyans are very committed to lifting up all the families of the victims in prayer. We need to be doing the same. Even though we're halfway around the world, we need to be lifting these people up in prayer and also just continue to come together through the local churches and working with different agencies to provide help as needs are made known to all of us," he said.

Grover leaves Kenya on Wednesday.