Indianapolis north side homeowners on alert after burglary spike


Forty burglaries in just five days: crooks are breaking into homes on the Indianapolis north side at a rampant rate.

All the crimes happened in the same part of town. Forty burglaries took place on the city's north side between May 3rd and the 9th. The Castleton Estates neighborhood also has some of the most organized Crime Watch groups in Indianapolis.

People in this neighborhood will not hesitate to call the police if they suspect something, and that's just what the Crime Watch folks want.

"I am a Christian and I think you are supposed to watch out for your neighbor," said Betty Gibson, who's spent the last 30 years keeping up her home in Castleton Estates. She takes that same pride in looking out for her neighbors.

"I wouldn't be hesitant to call 911 I try to be aware of what's in the neighborhood because I am a stay-at-home Mom, Grandma now," she said.

Gibson and her neighbors in IMPD's north district just learned that earlier this month burglars hit 40 homes in just five days, an incredible pace of eight a day. That put Crime Watch Coordinator John Boggs on defense.

Boggs showed us the burglary reports and copies of the email he blasted to all of his neighbors warning them not to let their guard down.

"There is a lot of opportunity for people to do nasty stuff and our thing is we are just trying to keep them out of our neighborhood," he said.

Boggs sent the email to nearly 300 people in his neighborhood. Boggs says the only way Crime Watch works is for people to call 911 when they see something that's not right.

"If you don't have a Crime Watch, how do you expect to notify somebody that there was a robbery next door?" said Boggs.

After learning about spike in burglaries, Castleton Estates residents like John Bevelhimer are not only watching their own homes, but they are also keeping their eyes and ears open for their neighbors.

"The communication is frequent. I mean, as soon as something happens, we know it," said Bevelhimer. "It's kind of scary and makes you want to be more careful about the things you do."

The Castleton Estates neighborhood Crime Watch is organized into "sub-districts" and features frequent communication.

If you have concerns about crime in your neighborhood, Metro Police will help you organize a Crime Watch program and even let you know what makes your house more vulnerable to break in.

Learn more about setting up a Crime Watch group.