Indianapolis MotoGP racing excitement

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Indianapolis is alive with the roar of motorcyles! With the racing of the Red Bull Indianapolis GP, bike enthusiasts from around the world are converging on the Circle City for an upclose seat to the exciting action.

Add to that news that the race is returning for a seventh year is creating an even bigger buzz at the track.

Ethan Foreman is only eight. But, much to his grandpa's delight, he's getting bitten by the motorcycle bug early.

"He just learned how to ride a two-wheeler bicycle last year and I'm impressed Yamaha let's the kids get a chance to ride like this," said Dave Foreman, a MotoGP fan.

The Yamaha Learn to Ride is just one of the exciting attractions at this year's new and improved Moto Midway at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It's one of the many reason Foreman is thrilled the MotoGP is coming back to Indy in 2014!

"It's really great that they have an atmosphere where you can bring your kids. I mean, it's like excellent! I love having MotoGP at Indianapolis," said Foreman.

"If we're just going to sit in the stands and watch the bikes go round, the kids get bored. Doing this stuff is what gets them excited about it, so I love it," said Paul Wesseling, a MotoGP fan.

And that's what Paul Wesseling has done with his eight-year-old son, Josh.

"What was the best part," asked Eyewitness News Reporter Carrie Cline.

"Driving the motorcycle," said Wesseling.

"Alot of people are associating this with an awesome family event and not only is it awesome motoGP racing, but there's so much more to do and that's a testament to the folks at IMS, saind Danny Walker, Yamaha Learn to Ride.

"The best way to enjoy this event is with a GA ticket. You buy a GA ticket, you wander through the grounds because the motorcycles look very different from every angle. It's a very affordable way to enjoy a race at the Indy Motor Speedway," said Doug Boles, President of Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

From the action on the track and everything in between, the Vendor Marketplace is another big draw!

"We don't get this opportunity very often, not to mention to get to get close and personal with the bike, crawl under it and around it without doing the dirty thing," said Chad Haney, a MotoGP fan.

It's a total experience that keeps fans and the motoGP coming back for more!

While next year is the final year of the agreement between IMS and Dorna, the company that holds the rights to the race. But, the two sides have already started talking about a long-term relationship past the current contract.