Indianapolis mother warns of Craigslist rental scam

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An Indianapolis-area mother has a rental scam warning about people requesting money in online ads.

Nichole Doriot is on the market to rent a home for her family. She thought she hit the jackpot after finding a house on Moller Road in a Craigslist ad. The three bedroom, two bath home is just what she needed, so she responded to the ad.

"It's a little too fishy for me," Doriot said. "He says that the property is mine for $700 a month, plus a $600 deposit. Money wire it and I will get my keys."

Nichole considered that a red flag. The man who posted the ad also stressed he lives in Nigeria and has the house keys with him.

She decided to come to the house and check it out herself. Although she didn't have keys to get inside, while walking around the house, Nichole was approached by a neighbor, who told her about the real owners and gave her another red flag about the ad on Craigslist.

"From an ad we didn't place on Craigslist," said property manager Ryan Johnson.

Johnson is renting the house and warns you should never give up money sight unseen for any rental home.

"You need to know the people that you are dealing with. You need to actually visit the property. You need to interact with whatever company is selling or renting you the property," Johnson said.

The Craigslist ad is now in the process of being deleted by the author.

Even after a brief telephone conversation with a persistent suspect, Nichole avoided being taken to the bank while searching online for a place to live.