Indianapolis mom arrested after heroin overdose with kids in car

Cydney Craft
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An Indianapolis woman is in jail after police say she overdosed on heroin and crashed her car with two small children in the back seat.

Officers arrested Cydney Craft in the parking lot of the Port-O-Call housing complex Saturday. She now faces four felony charges including possession of a narcotic drug and neglect of a dependent, as well as a misdemeanor drug charge.

An officer responded to reports of a car crashing into another vehicle in the complex near Rockville Rd. and I-465. The officer reported that he saw Craft slumped against the steering wheel of a Nissan Sentra, with the car still running and in drive. He says Craft was drooling and snoring.

The officer reported finding a small clutch with a green balloon of heroin, three medical syringes, and other drug paraphernalia. One of the syringes still had heroin in it.

One of the children was six weeks old. The other was one year old. The Department of Child Services took custody of both.

After medics arrived and gave Craft Narcan, a drug used to counter the effects of a heroin overdose, officers say she admitted injecting heroin at a nearby apartment then going to her car. She reportedly told officers she didn't remember anything after that.

Craft told officers she "used heroin before her most recent pregnancy and just started back up again," according to the probable cause affidavit.