Indianapolis Metro Police make arrest in 12-year-old murder case

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An Indianapolis murder case that went cold for 12 years may now be finally solved.

It happened on the near east side in a neighborhood that butts up against Interstate 65.

Eyewitness News went back to where it started and found neighbors unaware of the history.

"No, I didn't and we always joked about the house being haunted," said the new tenant, Rory Duffey.

The house he's been renting in the 300 block of East 12th Street is a former crime scene.

58-year-old John Gurnell Rhoades was bound and strangled to death there on May 1, 2000 and his elderly mother severely beaten.

For years the attacker roamed free.

Now, 12 years later, IMPD cold case investigators have arrested 52-year-old Currie O'Bryant.

Rory and his neighbors call the revelation crazy.

"The fact that you showed that to me kind of spooks me out a little bit," Duffey said.

"I was wondering if the house we live in was the house," said John Jones, who lives next door. Jones said his mother recalled that someone had been killed in the neighborhood before he moved in.

Cold case investigators are always looking for just one new piece of evidence. In this case it was found in the basement, its windows now boarded up with wood.

Detectives retrieved the evidence back in 2000, but just recently had DNA testing on the unspecified items.

That DNA match came back to O'Bryant who is already in prison. They believe robbery was the motive.

"It blows my mind. What goes on, the things that they can do with that type of information and technology. I think it's incredible because it gives people closure," said Duffey.

In 2003, Currie O'Bryant was convicted and sentenced to 115 years in prison for five counts of attempted murder.

For a brief time, he nearly escaped his sentence after a judge mistakenly released him from prison because of a clerical mistake on his paperwork.