Indianapolis man survives attack with kick to the groin

Dwayne Johnson (right) and the friend that helped him fight off an attacker.
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A west Indianapolis man says he survived a brutal attack, not only because his friend came to his rescue, but also by kicking the attacker where it hurts.

The attack happened around 7:30 a.m. Thursday in the 8100 block of Aragon Woods Drive. Dwayne Johnson, 56, slipped on the ice getting out of his car and thought a man who walked up to him was there to help, but instead, he beat Johnson in the face and head.

Johnson's friend heard the commotion and jumped in, allowing the victim to get a kick in on the suspect's groin.

"Oh yeah, I think I got him a couple of times. I got steel toes," Johnson said. "I know he is kind of hurting. It was one of those things, you know, I didn't black out, so that was kind of good. Because if I did, I think he would have got my billfold."

Johnson was treated on the scene for a head injury.

Police checked the area for the man who attacked him, but he managed to run away, despite that kick from Johnson.