Indianapolis man eager for first Boston Marathon

Blake Boldon is running his first Boston Marathon Monday.
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Monday's Boston Marathon will include runners from all over the country and that includes central Indiana.

Blake Boldon of Indianapolis has been training since January to run in his first Boston Marathon.

"It was in the back of my mind even before last year's event," Boldon explained. "All that transpired just captivated me for the week."

Adding to the 34-year-old's inspiration is that he'll be running for eight-year-old Martin Richard, the youngest victim killed in the explosions at the finish line.

"It's been an emotional experience for sure, with weekly emails from his parents and his family and how they're progressing," he said.

Just talking about it gets him choked up.

"His sister is now missing a leg and they show very personal pictures from their home and the hospital, and it's very real to them, and to all of the members of the team," Boldon explained.

Getting ready for Boston has been a challenge as most training days have been far from picture perfect.

"If your eyelashes freeze shut, then you know it's a cold day," he laughed.

We first met Blake on a bitter cold January day as he ran through several inches of snow.

"First couple of miles it was gorgeous, now it's a little bit of a nuisance," he said during an interview on January 5.

Just about everyday, he's been outside training.

"There was one run in March where it was really icy and snowy, too," he said.

He keeps a journal where he writes his progress and the conditions.

"Nasty weather is what I wrote," he said with a laugh, referring back to another day in January.

That's been a constant entry, but as the weather has warmed up, his times have gone up. Boston will be his first 26.1 mile marathon; his longest run is 21 miles.

He ran his first marathon during his college days. That's when he'd run with his 11-year-old Australian Shepherd, "Cass," who has since given up running, but still greets him when he comes home.

In Boston, Blake anticipates incredible support from the nation.

When asked if he has a fear, he said, "Not at all. In fact, I think it's going to be one of the safest places to be in the world on Monday, April 21 with more than 3,500 police officers, I mean, we're talking a police officer every 50 feet along the course."

He also expects it to be an emotional day on multiple levels for both himself and the nation.

"Just standing at the starting line and feeling the energy and that countdown for the start, it's something that will definitely evoke some special emotion," Boldon said.

Blake hopes to finish the Boston Marathon under 2:50. As the director for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, he hopes to bring back lessons for that race in November.

He is posting updates and pictures from his time in Boston on his Twitter account.