Indianapolis man convicted of raping wife to spend five years in prison

David Wise
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A rape victim is speaking out about her attacker and the news that he's going to prison instead of home detention. In this case, the victim and perpetrator used to be married.

David Wise is going to prison, but not because of the rape. Instead, he's headed behind bars because he violated terms of home detention.

According to court papers, Mandy Bordman told detectives she began to experience "strange events" three years before the couple divorced in 2009. Bordman told investigators she would wake up with a pill dissolving in her mouth or would find powder floating in her soft drinks. Eventually, she looked on her husband's cell phone and discovered the man she married, the man she said at times had been a good dad, had actually been videotaping the sexual assaults.

"There was definitely another side that nobody ever saw. Finally, he videotaped it and everybody saw it," said Mandy Bordman. "He finally got some prison time which I think was needed in this case. I think now everybody will understand the heinous nature of this crime and it is punishable by prison time. He should never had the opportunity to go home and violate like this."

According to a spokeswoman for the Marion County Prosecutor's Office, a jury convicted David Wise on all counts including rape and criminal deviate conduct. He was sentenced to 20 years with 12 years suspended and eight years executed on home detention. But when Wise didn't re-charge his GPS-monitored ankle bracelet and failed to return calls to his community corrections officer, the judge determined Wise violated his home detention and sentenced him to five years in prison.

"Talking about the crime always brings up the emotions of what happened. It definitely frightens me even to this day," said Bordman. "And then I got emotional again when I found out there was going to be a prison sentence attached to this. I had not hoped for anything due to the fact of what happened at the last sentencing. Today, when I found out he was actually going to prison, I was again overcome by emotion and very happy that happened. There were times when he was a good dad. That was always a façade. You try to put on a good face in front of other people. I tried to do the same thing with him, trying to keep things kosher and not have everything blow up. I tried to keep everything ok. It just didn't work out."

"There's so many things that were said to me by David that made me believe that no one would ever believe me because he was my husband, this would never have a day in court because he was my husband, I was told numerous times over and over again that it doesn't matter. Nobody's ever going to believe me, nobody ever is going to listen to me. It took me that long to finally believe myself to know what happened was wrong and that someone out there has got to listen to me. That somebody would believe me. Thank God for the Marion County prosecutor's office. They listened. They believed. And, I'm very happy with the result today," said Bordman.

Mandy says knowing her ex-husband is headed to prison for five years will give her something she hasn't had recently.

"I think today may have changed that a little because I know I'm going to have peace. He's not going to be right around the corner on home detention on stay-cation. He's going to be in prison for at least five years," said Bordman. "My children will have peace. This will bring peace to all of us for a good five years."