Indianapolis man convicted of Medicare fraud launches new business

Kenneth Lock
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Despite a federal conviction for Medicare fraud, an Indianapolis man who once ran a local ambulance company has a new business venture.

Kenneth Cody Lock II registered Aabernathy LLC with the Indiana Secretary of State this past October. It happened just weeks after he pled guilty in federal court to stealing more than a half-million dollars from Medicare.

Eyewitness News tried to talk with Lock, who owns Samaritan Ambulance company, this past summer after he admitted to overcharging Medicare for medical transports. Lock refused to comment on the circumstances surrounding his guilty plea. In some cases, federal prosecutors say Lock was supposed to only bill the government at $30, but instead charged more than $300.

Lock's former EMT, Nathan Brooks, who is also an officer for the Carthage Police Department, blew the whistle about business practices at Samaritan Ambulance.

"I was noticing the fraud. I resigned shortly after I noticed it and I reported it to the Department of Homeland Security and the Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Department," said Brooks.

Brooks says he was one of Lock's EMTs at Samaritan Ambulance, which was shut down by the state of Indiana and deemed a danger to the community. Lock then pleaded guilty to over-charging Medicare for ambulance transports to the tune of more than a half million dollars.

While awaiting sentencing in about 6-8 weeks, the Indiana Secretary of State's office says Lock registered Aabernathy LLC as his new company.

On his website, he offers people an array of personal services, including housekeeping and delivery services, among others.

"I would have to tell those people to be very cautious with what they are doing," said Brooks.

13 Investigates also uncovered that Lock has new customers since starting his new business that includes Indianapolis Colts players. But the professional football players may not know that a federal judge is about to sentence Lock on fraud charges.

Lock told prosecutors at the Indiana US Attorney's Office he is also a personal driver for couple of Colts players.

A separate source confirmed that to Eyewitness News, saying Lock even handles personal banking for the players. That's something Nathan Brooks finds alarming, since Lock is a convicted felon.

"It just blows my mind, because he was convicted of fraud for over a half-million dollars and this was very recently, so I don't see why anyone would want to trust him with money," said Brooks.

Eyewitness News contacted the Indianapolis Colts, who are now looking into services provided by Kenneth Lock.

Prosecutors at the US attorney's office also checking out his new business venture.

Prosecutors said Tuesday Lock will go back to federal court for sentencing in six to eight weeks. A federal judge has already ordered the 24-year-old to repay $400,000 to $1 million in restitution.