Indianapolis man arrested in Fairbanks threat

Danny Anderson
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A 36-year-old Indianapolis man was arrested in connection with a Hazmat incident at the Fairbanks Recovery Center Monday.

On Wednesday, police arrested Danny Anderson for making threats to Fairbanks employees.

According to police reports, a man drove up and asked a woman to take the envelope inside the building at Fairbanks Monday afternoon.

Once the envelope was taken into the building, employees noticed an unknown crystal like substance inside. They immediately called 911. Four employees reported irritation after coming into contact with the substance, which has still not been identified.

Emergency crews isolated the HVAC system in the office so the substance could not be transmitted to other areas of the building.

After interviewing witnesses and employees, detectives obtained a search warrant for Danny Anderson's home in the 1600 block for South East Street. After searching his home, detectives took Anderson in for questioning and later arrested him.

Anderson faces preliminary charges of Making Terroristic Threats, a class B felony, and Intimidation, a class D felony.

The Marion County Prosecutor's Office will make the final charging decisions after reviewing the probable cause affidavit.

Homeland Security Division Chief Gary Coons said, "We take these types of threats seriously, we prepare for them, and anyone who thinks they can get away with it is wrong."

Public Safety Director Troy Riggs credits the Indianapolis Fire Department, the Marion County Health Department, the FBI, the Indiana State Department of Health, and IndyGO for their assistance.