Indianapolis man arrested for threatening to blow up 911 Center


A 54-year-old Indianapolis man was arrested Sunday after a series of threats called in to the Marion County 911 Center.

According to police, Anthony C. Talley of 2931 N. Delaware Street called the center several times, saying, "Send them to my house. I will kill all of them, I hate the police."

He said in a separate phone call, "Un-release my number or I'm going to come down there and blow that [expletive deleted] up, like they did in Boston."

Sheriff's deputies were sent to Talley's house to investigate the source of the threats. According to police, Talley was uncooperative and resisted arrest.

Talley is initially being charged with one count of Intimidation, a D felony, and one count of Resisting Law Enforcement, an A misdemeanor. The cell phone used to make the phone call was recovered.

"We have zero tolerance for threats of this nature. This incident proves that if someone makes a call like this, we will find them and arrest them. I'm very proud of the Sheriff's Office Investigators who moved swiftly to ensure the safety of our public safety officers and telecommunicators," Sheriff John Layton said.

An initial hearing is set for May 1, 2013.