Indianapolis man arrested for ninth DUI

James Hewitt
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An Indianapolis man is behind bars for drunk driving - again. It's actually the ninth time he's been arrested for the offense.

"It's bad," said Betty Cardwell, talking about her front yard.

Betty and Charles Cardwell have to replace two trees, a lilac bush and other shrubs at their west Indianapolis home.

"I haven't voiced any anger, but I feel a little," Betty said.

Late Saturday night, they were inside their home, Charles says, "minding our own business," when 54-year-old James Hewitt lost control of a brand-new, rented Corvette, drove through their yard and crashed into a concrete staircase. Police say he was drunk.

"You don't like your property tore up. Especially when you get older and it's hard to get things done," explained Betty, who is 76, her husband is 82.

Hewitt was arrested for DUI for the ninth time.

"That's a lot of times," said Charles.

"I'm sorry to hear that," said Betty.

Hewitt shouldn't have been driving at all because he has no license. His record dates back to the early 1990s. He's been to prison at least seven times for felony traffic offenses, including four for operating a vehicle after a driver's license was suspended for life.

"It's always sad to me to hear that somebody does things like that," said Betty.

The Cardwells are working with their insurance company to help pay several hundred dollars to repair their damaged yard. They hope James Hewitt gets help, too.

"He needs help before he hurts somebody else," Betty said.

It's unclear if Hewitt has been in any other accidents or if anyone has been injured as a result of his drunk driving. Another person apparently rented the Corvette that was driven in this most recent incident. That person was not at the scene when police arrived.