Indianapolis man arrested for leaving babies in hot car

Lamont Allen
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An Indianapolis man was arrested on child neglect charges after police say he left two young children in a hot car on Monday.

Indianapolis Metro Police were called to do a welfare check on two children who had been left inside a car at 3500 Lafayette Road on Monday afternoon.
Officer Pablo Navarrete found a gray Nissan four-door where two babies - six months old and 19 months old - were crying with the windows barely cracked. The car's engine and air conditioning was off, and temperatures were in the 80s that day.

Both babies were soaked in sweat. When paramedics arrived on the scene and Officer Navarrete was taking the babies out of the hot car, the owner of the car came out of the nearby Chase Bank.

Lamont Allen, 24, asked the officer what was going on. Allen said the two children were his siblings.

The officer contacted the children's father, who arrived on the scene to pick up the children and the vehicle.

Officer Navarrete arrested Lamont for neglect of a dependent and called for a jail transport wagon.

Both of the babies were checked by medics and released to their father.