Indianapolis man arrested for DUI with three children in car

Patrick Pride
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An Indianapolis man is in trouble after police say he was driving drunk with three children unrestrained in the car.

Patrick Pride, 39, of Indianapolis, was arrested Saturday night. An Indiana State trooper pulled over Pride's car on I-70 eastbound for speeding and an unsafe lane maneuver at around 9:30 pm. The trooper said Pride's 1998 Buick crossed three lanes of traffic and was trying to pass a vehicle on the right emergency shoulder when the trooper pulled him over.

The officer saw the children, ages 13, 4 and 2, in the back seat unrestrained. The officer also detected a strong alcoholic odor when speaking to Pride.

The 35-year-old female passenger told the trooper she wanted herself and the children out of the vehicle because Pride was "acting crazy."

Pride failed sobriety tests and police took him to a local hospital for a blood draw. He was taken to the Marion County Arrestee Processing Center and the car was released to his female passenger.

Pride faces charges of operating while intoxicated (endangerment), a Class A misdemeanor, and operating while intoxicated with passengers under 18, a Class D felony, and neglect of a dependent (also a Class D felony).