Indianapolis looks for ways to revitalize Monument Circle


Monument Circle is home to many events including concerts, the Strawberry Festival, and The Circle of Lights. But how about activities like Frisbee or ping pong?

These are just a couple of the ideas tossed around as the city looks to reconstruct the Circle and reactivate it.
The city plans to make some major improvements, in terms of  sidewalks, lighting and landscape. But leaders are also looking for a way to draw more people through new events.

Art consultant Mindy Taylor Ross suggested, "Imagine pushing things. Now, we don't know if this will happen, but maybe a beach in one quadrant, a shipping container with a pool in it. And again, thinking out the box, The Circle of Lights is great, but what smaller or medium events can we have to keep the Circle alive and the heart of our city?"

Many people are on board with the plans to revitalize the circle. 

"Business owners on the spokes are for anything that gets more people walking around downtown and making them more comfortable coming downtown," said Greg Biers, who owns a jewelry store on the circle. 

Reconstructing the circle is estimated to cost about $60 million.  The city is counting on federal grants to pay for most of it.

The repairs will not affect the monument itself.  Construction which includes the Circle and its spokes is set to start in 2016.