Indianapolis honors EMS workers killed in February ambulance crash

Cody Medley and Tim McCormick
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The City of Indianapolis is honoring two Emergency Medical Service workers who died in the line of duty.

An unveiling ceremony was set for 1:00 pm Tuesday at the intersection of Senate and St. Clair in downtown Indianapolis. A memorial street sign - McCormick & Medley EMS Memorial Way - will be installed in remembrance of Tim McCormick and Cody Medley.

The memorial means a lot to the young men's relatives, who are dealing with a devastating loss.

"It doesn't get better. It just gets farther away," said Rosemary McCormick.

It's been less than six months since Rosemary McCormick lost her son, Tim. Rosemary McCormick told Eyewitness News that wearing the bracelet everyday gives her some comfort.

"A friend of the family took pictures of Tim. I take him with me everywhere," said McCormick.

The two men were killed returning from an ambulance run February 16th.

Police say another driver ran a red light at Senate and St. Clair, crashing into the ambulance and killing both 24-year-old Tim McCormick and 22-year-old Cody Medley.

The two men were the first EMS members killed in the line of duty in Marion County.

Rosemary McCormick will return to the intersection Tuesday afternoon to honor her son: "It's not a corner I want to be on because I have always said it is not about how Tim died or where Tim died. It is always been about how he lived."

The grieving mother said she will reluctantly return to the crash site to give back.

A scholarship fund will be announced to honor her son and Cody Medley. The scholarship will be given to a student interested in pursuing a career as a paramedic.

"When Tim and Cody died, when a parent loses a child that young, you hope for two things. You hope they will be remembered. And, you hope that somehow you can find some good," said McCormick. 

Cody Medley's parents are unable to be at the dedication ceremony because they are following through with his funeral wishes out west.