Indianapolis goes blue for Sunday Night Football

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Indianapolis is bleeding blue as we're just 48 hours away from the biggest football game this city has seen in years.

From turning the canal Colts blue to showing Blue Out poster pride at WTHR's giveaway Friday morning, football fans are eagerly awaiting Sunday night's Broncos-Colts matchup at the return of Peyton Manning to Indianapolis.

Colts' blue pride also means green for merchandisers. Fans are buying up Colts gear ahead of Sunday night's matchup. Another sign this game is a big deal: NBC's Sunday Night Football bus has rolled into town. It's open for tours Saturday night from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

We tracked down two lucky fans who are getting the VIP experience.

"I tweeted out a story on Monday about the Colts' win over the Seahawks," said Heather Lloyd.

That got her noticed. Lloyd's Twitter handle is "The Blue Mare."

"Sunday Night Football followed me and tweeted me and asked me for my email address. They thought I could be fan of the week which I thought might be getting a mug or something in the mail from them, which I would have been really happy about!" she said.

Instead, she and fellow Indianapolis resident and Colts blogger Marcus Duggan will attend some fun Colts events this weekend including Sunday night's game.

"After I realized that it was for real, I was pretty ecstatic," said Duggan. "It took a little while to sink in."

"Tomorrow we're gonna be at the Speedway. We're not really even sure what we're doing there. It's kind of a surprise. So I don't know if we're gonna be in race cars or just getting a private tour but it'll be really fun. Then we'll be at the game on Sunday. We actually have a private tailgate with the NBC truck, then at some point they open it up to the public...then we're going to the game! We're going to be sitting with two Broncos fans of the week!" said Lloyd.

While Indianapolis is doing its best to paint the city blue, including dyeing the downtown canal, that pesky orange is starting to invade home turf.

"Every Colt turns into a Bronco. That's all I can say!" said Whitney Cordova. She and Manny Colmenero are serious Broncos fans who came in from Denver just for this game.

"We're here for the game. Every year we take a trip out of state to go watch the Broncos play and this year we're gonna watch Peyton Manning's homecoming," he said.

"That's the man! That's Peyton! I love him. He's doing good for us," said Cordova.

Catch WTHR's Colts special this Sunday at 6:00 pm and watch the game at 8:00 pm. Then join us for a post-game report on WTHR Channel 13.1. If you're on Twitter, tweet #13BlueOut and we'll put your tweet on the air during our 6:00 pm newscast on Sunday!