Indianapolis gaining in the war on potholes

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The brutal cold and continuous snowfall has some city roads resembling the surface of the moon. Crater-like potholes are popping up everywhere.

On southbound Keystone Avenue just north of 52nd Street, there's not one, not two, but three huge holes.

"It was like 'dodge city'," explained driver Curtis Patton, "trying to get it on two wheels to get it on that side, then trying to get it on two wheels to get it on the other side to try to keep it out of the potholes and there was a huge one past the light and I almost hit it, but I dodged just in time!"

These days he is happy to be driving a big SUV with serious tires.

"Those big tires, it doesn't do too much damage, but if you've got those skinny tires, it's gone," said Patton.

The city's map of potholes shows no discrimination. North, east, south, west and downtown are all covered in red dots, indicating gaping holes in the pavement.

"It's not too fun. It's an obstacle course. That's exactly what it is downtown," said one driver on Alabama near 12th Street.

Driving on city streets requires special skills: A combination of dealing with snow and ice, avoiding oncoming traffic and, of course, trying not to run over a pothole.

"You kind of look like a drunk driver. You're just swerving a lot. If you're lucky, you hit 'em...I'm sorry, if you're lucky you miss 'em!" said Sarah Irrgang who lives downtown.

City crews are fighting the good fight, filling what Mother Nature has opened, making the rough ride just a little bit smoother.

"They're knocking 'em out, they're doing a job. They're not slacking, put it like that. They've got a lot of work to do, man. There's a whole lot of them, a lot of them...a whole lot of 'em," said Patton.

So who is winning this seemingly endless war on potholes?

As of this afternoon, the city reports 2,732 potholes reported still open. But 2,886 potholes have been filled - 70 percent of those in seven days or less.

So technically, the city is winning the war even, though it may seem like we have all been defeated.

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