Indianapolis focusing on 2018 Super Bowl bid

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City leaders in Indianapolis have said they want to host another Super Bowl. While they've set their sights on Super Bowl LII in 2018, they've yet to give the official "yay or nay" and the clock is running.

Indianapolis and any other cities wanting to host the 2018 game have until the end of August to let the NFL know they're in.

Coming off the highly-touted 2012 game, it seems the city's key players wouldn't think twice about going for another Super Bowl, but Allison Melangton, who's leading bid efforts, says if they can't win, they won't bid.

Melangton told Eyewitness News, "Right now we're completing our homework on what other cities will bid on 2018 and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each city."

She said Indy will likely move forward, "at this point there are no red flags," but also noted the process has changed since the city bid on the 2011 and 2012 games.

Cities wanting to host the 2018 game must submit an intent to bid by August 31 with the NFL, narrowing the list to no more than four in October and choosing the host city at the NFL owners meeting in May. Melangton called the new process "very smart...It benefits the NFL to take two, three, four cities that have the best chance of winning and ask the other folks to step out."

For instance, with Houston hosting in 2017, would Dallas, another Texas city, get the Super Bowl in 2018?

Though Indianapolis is no longer new to the game and no longer has to prove itself, Melangton expects the field to be very competitive.

"We've been doing our homework. We get Google alerts every day to see if anyone else jumps in. We think 10-12 cities could put their names in," she said.

Likely contenders include Tampa, New Orleans and Minnesota.

"We're making assumptions and looking at what other events cities are bidding on in that time frame," she said. "It's real due diligence."

But Melangton said the real work won't start until the NFL picks its final three or four.

"We'll be very disappointed if we don't advance and we certainly hope to, so we'll start the ground work between September and October, but won't kick into gear until we know we're in that final group," she said.