Indianapolis family recounts horrifying moments of being robbed at gunpoint

Family recounts terrifying, violent home invasion
Man hospitalized after violent home invasion

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - The Burtons are packing up.

An attack early Monday morning sped up their moving day. The family is shaken up after the home invasion robbery.

"These kids are getting out of control, these teenagers doing all kinds of stuff. And it is just like scary," said Angel Burton.

About midnight, Burton was in her car driving home, talking with her kids on the phone. Then in the background,"I said, 'Don't open the door.' Then I heard a big bang and I heard my daughter scream," she said.

"They just broke through that window like how they did," said her son Austin, 20, pointing to the now boarded-up window. "Yeah, pretty bold especially in an apartment like this. I mean, neighbors are going to hear it. Kicking in the door by itself is bold enough. They'd hear the banging. But the window they'd definitely hear. So somebody's going to come call police on you. And they're coming in here with guns."

It happened just off 30th east of Post Road in an apartment complex.

Austin was watching his younger siblings. He was upstairs when two armed teens "kicked in my mom's door because that's where my little sister and brother were hiding."

They forced his younger brother upstairs.

"They actually had my brother held at gunpoint in front of them in case I actually had my gun out like a body shield or a hostage," said Austin.

They stole Austin's shotgun, and other valuables like video games, a TV, athletic shoes and clothes. But the teens weren't done. Austin showed us his hospital wristband and the wounds that put him there. He has injuries from being hit, kicked in the torso and more.

"My hands are a little dinged up. Obviously got my face from where they pistol-whipped me a little and punched me a little bit in the back of my head," he said. Austin's ear looked red and raw from an injury. "Yeah, that was a lot of blood from when they got me too."

"Once they have us down here at gunpoint I was like - what's their next move? Because I saw one of their masks dipped," said Austin, who worried that he and his siblings might not make it through the ordeal.

He thought of the movies where criminals wouldn't leave witnesses. But they just left.

We talked with his mom Angel again, while she packed valuables, getting ready the move out. It "could have been a lot worse," she said.

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