Indianapolis exploring another Super Bowl bid

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What a difference in temperatures from this week last year, when Indianapolis hosted the Super Bowl. People zip lined along Capitol Avenue when temperatures were in the 60s.

But can you imagine trying to zipline in the single-digit temperatures we have today?

Even though Indianapolis can't count on having that same climatological luck again, the city is seriously considering making a play to bring the 2018 Super Bowl back to the city.

Indiana Sports Corporation spokesman John Dedman said a little cold weather wouldn't keep people from enjoying our city again, "This time of year, people are used to it and they know to bring their coats and wear their scarves and hat and really go out an enjoy it."

The city will not be able to present their 2018 bid until next May, so we have a while to wait.

"The city and all of our partners have really earmarked the 2018 Super Bowl as the next one the city would pursue," Dedman said. "And that bid process, the presentation and decision, are both scheduled for May of 2014 at the owners meeting."

"We're still in a fact-finding stage," Dedman explained. "Obviously, Allison Melangton, the Sports Corp. President and former CEO of the Host Committee is down in New Orleans going through some meetings right now. And when she comes back, in the next couple months, we'll start the process of looking at the successes of 2012 and what a bid for 2018 might look like."

Dedman said a bid would have to garner more community support and come up with a new approach with its next bid, "We really don't want to do just the 2012 Super Bowl all over again. We really want the creative thinking that comes from a wide range of community leaders who are thinking big and thinking creatively."

The goal is to intrigue NFL owners the same way the bid for 2012 did. 

"I think we'd be selling the community short if we didn't at least look at 2018 or future opportunities and how we can bring this great event back to our community," Dedman said.